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A VANOU top with a built in ROXANA tank top

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I’ve been playing with this simple idea for a while, but now that both patterns are available, I figured it’s about time to get it on!

I love stacking layers and I’ve been avoiding bras lately, so after the ROXANA tank top with a built in bra, here is the VANOU top with a built in ROXANA tank top!

Friendly reminder: you can download the ROXANA (or Mini-ROXANA) tank top pattern for free by signing up to my newsletter here if you haven’t done it yet!

Pick you fabrics

As for the original VANOU top and ROXANA tank top, you’ll need stretchy fabrics, with an elasticity of at least 40%, to be sure to be able to slip them on!

For optimal support, pick a fabric with elasticity between 40 and 70% for the tank top, and avoid using something too thin or silky like rayon knit.

However, a rayon knit will be perfect for the VANOU top and will create a nice silky effect and pretty fit on the shoulders. Or why not use this opportunity to finally sew that see through, mesh or eyelet fabric that’s been laying around in your stash?


  • For ROXANA tank top: yardage given in original tutorial minus 16cm (6’’)
  • For VANOU top: yardage given in original tutorial.

Pick your length and options

Both original patterns offer different length options. The long version of VANOU matches the long version of ROXANA. The short version of VANOU matches the semi-long version of ROXANA. My advice is to go for either of these combinations:

  • Long VANOU and long ROXANA,
  • Short VANOU and semi-long ROXANA,
  • Long VANOU and semi-long ROXANA, to accentuate the silky effect of VANOU.

Any ROXANA neckline option will work. In my case, I’ve chosen to go for the scoop neckline and V-shaped back.

In the same way, both VANOU waistband options will work. I picked the wider one.

Cutting the pieces

In main fabric, cut pieces 1-Front, 2-Back, 3-Sleeves (x2), 4-Waistband (x2) and neckband of VANOU top in desired size.

In tank top fabric, cut pieces 1-Front, 2-Back and the armhole and neck bands of ROXANA tank top, in the same size. Do not cut the ROXANA waistband. To avoid too massive tank top straps, I’ve reduced the bands to 3.5cm (1 5/8’’) instead of 5cm (2’’).


Assemble both tops separately, excluding waistband: assemble front and back of ROXANA by sewing shoulder seams, sew the neckband and armhole bands, then sew side seams. Assemble front and back of VANOU by sewing shoulder seams, sew sleeves, side seams, hem sleeves and sew the neckline band. Assemble both pieces of VANOU waistband together.

Turn tops to right side, then insert ROXANA tank top inside VANOU top. Pin all around waist, aligning side seams.

On outside of garment, pin VANOU waistband, aligning raw edges and side seams, and making sure to pin all layers (top and tank top).

Sew with an overlock stitch 1cm (5/8’’) from raw edge, all around waistband (or serge).

Nice job! Let me know what you think down here!

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