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With the ROXANA and Mini-ROXANA tank top patterns and their multiple length options, I really wanted to give you the possibility of adapting it to your wishes: sports bra, crop top, long or longer version, to each occasion its Roxana!

If you want to sew a Roxana in a see through, mesh or eyelet fabric, if you love working out or if you simply hate bras, you’re in the right place! Step by step, I’ll show you how to make a Roxana tank top with a built-in sports bra. Quick reminder: you can download ROXANA (or Mini-ROXANA) for free here if you haven’t done it yet!

Pick you fabrics

For a Roxana tank top with a built-in bra, you’ll need 2 different fabrics, matching or not, both with an elasticity of at least 40%. It’s not necessary that they have the same elasticity, nor that the bra be more elastic than the top or the other way around. Notwithstanding, if you’re aiming for support, you’ll have to pick a bra fabric with an elasticity between 40 and 70% and stay away from thin and silky fabrics like rayon knits.

Cutting the pieces

In main fabric, cut pieces 1-Front and 2-Back, in desired length (crop-top, semi long or long) and along desired front and back neckline. Also cut armhole bands, neck band and waistband according to the options you chose.

In bra fabric, cut pieces 1-Front and 2-Back at bra length, making sure to cut along same front and back neckline as in main fabric. Also cut a bra waistband if you’d like to go for the fabric waistband option (or else, you can also use a decorative elastic for the bra).

Tank top assembly

Assemble the top and the bra separately by sewing the shoulder seams and side seams.

Turn top and bra to right side and insert bra into top. Align necklines and armholes, making sure to align shoulder seams and side seams.

Prepare neck band according to original instructions and pin it to the outside of top, along the neckline, making sure to pin both the top and the bra. Align neckband seam with middle back of top.

Sew with an overlock stitch 1cm (5/8’’) from raw edge, all along neckline (or serge).

Prepare armhole bands according to original instructions, and pin them to exterior of armholes, making sure to pin both the top and the bra. Align armhole band seams to side seams.

Sew with an overlock stitch 1cm (5/8’’) from raw edge (or serge).

Finish the garment by sewing the waistbands (and/or decorative elastic) on the top and the bra, according to original instructions.

All that’s left now is to slip on your top and head straight to the gym (or to the beach… or to a sunny terrasse somewhere…)!

Leave a comment or ask your questions down here, and see you soon for more hacks and tricks!

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