Your personal data is an issue that Atelier Adriette takes very seriously. This privacy policy describes the nature of personal information that is collected on, the way it is collected and your related rights.

What personal data is collected?

Atelier Adriette collects the following personal data about their clients:

  • First and last name,
  • Email address,
  • Invoicing address,
  • Phone number (optional),
  • IP address.

How is this data collected?

Atelier Adriette collects this data through the « create an account » form, the contact form, or when a user signs up for the newsletter or leaves a comment.

Why is this data collected?

The clients’ personal data is used for the following purposes:

  • Website administration,
  • Sales tax calculation,
  • Order processing,
  • Contact,
  • Sending information, newsletters or shopping suggestions.

How long is this data retained?

The collected data is retained indefinitely.

In what conditions is this data stored?

Collected data is securely stored on the servers of this website's host : Planet Hoster

What are the users’ rights in regard to this data?

  • The user has a right to access and transfer their personal data. You can exercise this right by making a request through email at or through contact form. After verification of your identity through a secure link sent by email, an extraction of all your personal data collected by Atelier Adriette will be sent to you by email.
  • The user has a right to correct their personal data. I you wish to correct your data, you may do so by editing your personal information in your personal space on the website in « My Account ». You may also send a request by email at or through contact form.
  • The user has a right to erase their personal data. You can exercise this right by making a request through email at or through contact form. After verification of your identity through a secure link sent by email, Atelier Adriette will erase all your personal data that is not necessary to the legal administration of the business. However, Atelier Adriette will retain a trace of your previous orders, attached to your first and last name, and address. All other data will be erased. BE WARE: if you request data erasure, your account will be definitely deleted and you will no longer have access to your downloads.

Is the collected data shared with third paties?

Atelier Adriette does not share, rent, or sell your personal data for marketing puposes or otherwise.

However, in order to run properly, the website relies on certain services provided by third parties, and some of your personal data may be communicated to these third parties. These parties and services are:

  • Maxmind : geolocation service – allows you to access the appropriate pricing depending on your country. Learn more about MaxMind Privacy policy
  • Price based on Country for WooCommerce : price and currency adjustment depending on your country. Learn more about Price Based on Country for WooCommerce Privacy policy
  • WooCommerce shipping & tax tax and shipping cost calculation.
  • Stripe : payment portal. Learn more about Stripe Privacy policy (Atelier Adriette does not collect any financial data of bank information).

The website also uses Facebook and Instagram plugins, which allow to share products or blog articles on social media. I have no control on how these plugins collect and use data. You can learn more by visiting their respective privacy policies before using the “share” button.


Cookies are small pieces of data, stored in text files, that are stored on your computer or other device when websites are loaded in a browser.

They are widely used to ‘remember’ you and your preferences, either for a single visit through a ’session cookie’ or for multiple repeat visits using a ‘persistent cookie’ (these cookies can be retained up to 13 months). They ensure a consistent and efficient experience for visitors, and perform essential functions such as allowing users to register and remain logged in.

The website uses cookies to enhance your browsing experience.

The main informations collected through these cookies are the following:

  • Operating system,
  • Visited pages and requests,
  • Time and date of connexions to the website,
  • IP address.

Using cookies allows Atelier Adriette to :

  • Improve its service,
  • Carry on statistical studies.

Cookies can be disabled in your browser preferences, but this may keep you from taking advantage of certain features of the website.

Who is the data protection officer?

The data protection officer for Atelier Adriette is Adria ADRIANSEN. Please send any data related request by email to or through contact form.

Privacy policy updated on May 7th 2021.