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Pack of 2 digital PDF patterns sizes XS to XXXL and 2 to 16 years

Easy and quick to sew, the SHERPA and Mini-SHERPA unisex piles will keep you warm and comfortable all through the winter. Thanks to its different panels, have fun matching your soft cozy fabrics for the whole family! Quite fitted or outrageously oversized, adapt the fit of this garment to your personal taste by choosing the right size to sew.

SHERPA and Mini-SHERPA are straight piles that will suit men and women and boys and girls. They have two back panels and 3 front panels for a color block effect. The collar is closed with snaps on hidden button tabs, and can be finished with a bias tape that will match the pocket flap and button tabs, or lined depending on your preference. Bottom of garment and sleeves will be either hemmed or finished with a fold over elastic (FOE).

Kids sizes : 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14 and 16 Years.

Adult sizes : XS to XXXL. Measurements tables provided in photo gallery.

Level : Easy

Pattern formats included:
- A4 PDF layered pattern,
- US Letter PDF layered pattern,
- A0 PDF layered pattern,
- Projectable PDF layered pattern (unfolded and mirrored pieces, drawn respecting grainline, 1 layer per size, calibration grids, colored background to be shown or masked as desired).

Techniques covered in detail : Sewing hidden button tabs, installing bias tape with invisible stitch, installing fold over elastic (FOE)…

French and English tutorials, detailed step by step, full of tips and illustrated with over 50 sketches and photos. They also provide cutting layouts for each size and the keys to adjust the pattern to your unique measurements if needed.

Express tutorials for experienced sewists also provided in French and English.

You will need : fabric A and fabric B: thick stretchy fabric (fleece, sweatshirt fabric, faux-fur, softshell…), fabric C: thin woven fabric (cotton, denim, polyester…), snaps (or buttons), fold over elastic (optional). Yardage table provided in photo gallery.

Seam allowances included.

Pattern strictly intended for personal use.

Instant download of 16 files:
- SHERPA French Detailed Instructions
- SHERPA French express tutorial
- SHERPA English Detailed instructions
- SHERPA English express tutorial
- SHERPA A0 layered PDF pattern
- SHERPA A4 layered PDF pattern
- SHERPA US Letter layered PDF pattern
- SHERPA Projectable layered PDF pattern
- Mini-SHERPA French Detailed Instructions
- Mini-SHERPA French express tutorial
- Mini-SHERPA English Detailed instructions
- Mini-SHERPA English express tutorial
- Mini-SHERPA A0 layered PDF pattern
- Mini-SHERPA A4 layered PDF pattern
- Mini-SHERPA US Letter layered PDF pattern
- Mini-SHERPA Projectable layered PDF pattern

Based on 4 reviews
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  1. Elodie

    Pattern sewn for the whole family, we love our SHERPA
    This pattern is very easy and quick to sew with plenty of fun options.
    Go for this unisex pattern that will soon become a must have in your wardrobe

  2. Lydie

    A pattern for the whole family, comfortable and easy to sew. The different panels allow to have fun with colors and fabrics. And even scraps and that rocks!

  3. Jen

    Genius. Very pretty model well designed by Adria.
    The tutorial is well explained and this pattern is easy and quick to sew.
    A basic that I added to the family's wardrobe.
    Thank you Adria for this cute pattern

    • Adria

      My pleasure💙

  4. Julie

    Great pattern, very clear explanations and the pattern is true to size. It delights everyone big or small.

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