KEZIA Bundle - The puffy vest


Pack of 2 digital PDF patterns sizes XS to XXXL and 2 to 16 years

To be worn over a sweater or a long sleeve shirt when it’s chilly or under a coat when temperatures really go south, the unisex KEZIA and Mini-KEZIA puffy vests will be your best allies from the beginning of fall to the end of spring!

KEZIA and Mini-KEZIA are entirely lined and closed with a zipper in the front. Their removable hood, which can be attached by a separable zipper, standard buttons or snaps, to your convenience, their welt pockets and their suspension loop are all details that make their uniqueness.

KEZIA and Mini-KEZIA are unisex vests.

The adult version, KEZIA, offers 2 different lengths: a shorter women’s version, that sits on the hips, and a longer, more covering men’s version.

Adult sizes : XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL. Measurements table (in centimeters) given in photo gallery (measurements in inches provided in tutorial).

Tailles enfant : 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14 et 16 Ans. Tableau de mensurations fourni dans la galerie photos.

Level : Advanced

Pattern formats included:
- A4 PDF layered pattern,
- US Letter PDF layered pattern,
- A0 PDF layered pattern,
- Projectable PDF layered pattern (unfolded and mirrored pieces, drawn respecting grainline, 1 layer per size, calibration grids, colored background to be shown or masked as desired).

Techniques covered in detail : quilting or filling of main fabric, shortening a separable zipper (plastic, metal or coil zipper), assembly of facings, welt pockets (piped pockets with 1 single piping), mounting a separable zipper etc ...

French and English tutorials, detailed step by step, full of tips and illustrated with over 70 sketches and photos. They also provide cutting layouts for each size and the keys to adjust the pattern to your unique measurements if needed.

Express tutorials for experienced sewists also provided in French and English.

You will need : main fabric (woven, waterproof or not: polyester, nylon, coton…), batting or stuffing material (polyester filling, down, feathers…), interfacing (non fusible), lining fabric (fleece, wool, coton, satin…), 2 separable zippers, 1 snap. The “main fabric + padding + interfacing” can be replaced by a ready to sew quilted fabric. Yardage in centimeters provided in photo gallery (inches provided in tutorial).

Seam allowances included.

Pattern strictly intended for personal use.

Instant download of 16 files:
- KEZIA French Detailed Instructions
- KEZIA French express tutorial
- KEZIA English Detailed instructions
- KEZIA English express tutorial
- KEZIA A0 layered PDF pattern
- KEZIA A4 layered PDF pattern
- KEZIA US Letter layered PDF pattern
- KEZIA Projectable layered PDF pattern
- Mini-KEZIA French Detailed Instructions
- Mini-KEZIA French express tutorial
- Mini-KEZIA English Detailed instructions
- Mini-KEZIA English express tutorial
- Mini-KEZIA A0 layered PDF pattern
- Mini-KEZIA A4 layered PDF pattern
- Mini-KEZIA US Letter layered PDF pattern
- Mini-KEZIA Projectable layered PDF pattern

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